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No Giant Server Required

We hear it every day. Today’s small and medium sized businesses are disassociating themselves from working in an office from 9-5, M-F. Instead, businesses are becoming more mobile and working where they need to in order to make their business prosper. A Cloud Solution from NST can make that possible for you, too.

What is the cloud? Simply put, your data exists someplace other than in a physical business location allowing you to live without a giant server.

Why consider a Cloud Solution?

  • A company can access their data at any time, increasing productivity
  • Flexibility in making industry advancements and changes. Onsite infrastructure takes longer and is more difficult
  • A small monthly fee versus a high cost of infrastructure 
  • Today’s business is mobile—an office can now be anywhere 

When should a Cloud Solution be considered?

  • Window 2003 servers are becoming obsolete with support no longer available. 
  • Changes in software and new regulations
  • A shifting of the workforce from business office to home 
  • Solutions are needed that a traditional in office system can’t perform or offer
  • Part of a business’s constant cycle of looking for ways to improve, or move forward 
  • A new business has to make the decision as part of their business plan 

Careful consideration needs to be taken in choosing your provider. There are many options available, and you have to be sure your choice fills all your requirements and needs. A Cloud Solution from NST may be right for you.

NST speaks your language. We learn about your business and leverage our accumulated IT expertise to help you succeed. Using best practices, proven processes, and a dedication to customer service we help make our clients' technology provide a solid return on investment. We fit solutions around your needs, not the other way around.

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