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Focus on the End User

What is PC Support?

At NST, PC Support is more than just making sure the PC runs and that its’ applications are working properly. The end user is our focus. We enable them to be productive and feel comfortable as the user. At the end of the day, NST knows what your mission critical applications are and how they apply to your business which helps you move business forward.

Why have a PC Support provider?

It’s not uncommon for small businesses to try and go it alone without PC Support until they realize the value as cost factors come in to play. Loss of time and loss of productivity affect big and small businesses alike.

NST handles PC support remotely in most cases, but we will also come to you whenever necessary.

  • Remotely helping from online helps to increase productivity by saving time
  • Less distracting to end user
  • Can act as training for the end user

Effective end user support is not only having a high technical competency but also the ability to listen to end user making sure that they take into account how the end user works with their system. NST is your best solution for PC Support because we stay engaged and proactive with our clients.

NST speaks your language. We learn about your business and leverage our accumulated IT expertise to help you succeed. Using best practices, proven processes, and a dedication to customer service we help make our clients' technology provide a solid return on investment. We fit solutions around your needs, not the other way around.

We SIMPLIFY IT. Call us today for a consultation: (814) 835-0163 www.northshoretech.net